In order to fully decipher this book, you’ll have to check the reading list [>]. Most of the book is comprehensible without this previous reading, but some parts will certainly confuse you.

By buying the luxury edition you’ll also gain exclusive access to my time. I’ll help you with whatever doubts you have regarding the text. If you want to discuss some particular subject, I'll also be available.

The luxury edition was created because 1) it filters those who are serious from those who aren't, and 2) cutting-edge culture is indeed a luxury. Only twenty-one books will be made, so this will be a very rare item.  

The world of the intellect is vast and tricky, so it’s easy to get lost in it and lose track of its goal. If you feel you’re up to the task, bring it on. Become, like not so many others, one of the stillest.

Respectfully yours, with kindness,

D. Lowell